Качество продукции обеспечено сертифицированной системой менеджмента качества, соответствующей требованиям ГОСТ ISO 9001-2011, сертифицированной системой безопасности пищевой продукции на основе принципов ХАССП (НАССР).

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  • Kukhnya Bez Granits (KBG) was founded in 2004, merged with Masan Rus Trading (1996) in 2006, acquired Alexandra and Sofia (1994) in 2007;
  • KBG has a factory near Tula city in the European part of Russia;
  • KBG introduced to the Russian market a new revolutionary line of instant food with natural meat and meat sauces; it allowed the company to become one of the leading market players in Russia within a short period;
  • Key brands are Big Lunch (noodles and mashed potato), Kuhnya Bez Granits (noodles, mashed potato) and Goryachi Polden (noodles, mashed potato, soup, buckwheat), Alexandra and Sofia (noodles, mashed potato, seasoning);
  • Products are all ISO 9001-2011 certified and sold in a variety of packaging, including plastic packets, thermo cups and containers; some products are Halal certified;
  • Quality management is certified in accordance with HACCP system;
  • KBG currently has approximately 1500 employees;
  • KBG covers by its distribution network all Russia and ex-USSR and has branches in Vladivostok and Sankt Petersburg; holds own trade representatives in 40 cities;
  • Our products are represented in major retail chains in Russia (Metro, Achan, Spar, etc.), Latvia (Maxima, Prisma, Iki, Rimi), Bulgaria (Si-7);
  • КBG is #3 in Russia in terms of value in instant food; #1 in Russia in instant food with meat in retort pouches; #1 in Russia in instant food with meat sauces; #2 in Russia in bag–type packed instant noodles.